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Location San Francisco
Occupation Writer
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About Me

For many years I wrote literary short stories but then I found myself wanting to write a story where something actually happened so I wrote a mystery that was published in 2003 and was nominated for an Edgar Award. After that I wanted to write a historical mystery, which I've just finished. Now I'm starting a new book which is really more historical than mystery and a bit more like the short stories I used to write, except that now I'm addicted to things happening. That's more fun to write.

Why do you write?

I joined this site because my friend Briggs pointed me to it, and only yesterday I decided that for the rest of the month I was going to say yes to whatever came my way. Why do I write? Because I like to! As a secondary dividend it's a good way of getting out of going to work. Having babies serves the same purpose, but is initially more painful.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Jane Smiley, Diane Johnson, Denis Johnson, Ian McEwan (esp. Black Dogs), Toni Morrison, Cormac McCarthy (the middle years), Liza Cody, Cara Black, Virginia Woolf (natch), Margaret Drabble (all but later years), Doris Lessing, E.M. Forster, Patrick O'Brian, James Salter.

Favorite books: Howard's End, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, A Very Long Engagement, L'Affaire, All the Pretty Horses, The Golden Notebook, The Radiant Way.

Martha Conway's Wall

Meg Pokrass – Aug 28, 2009

Hi Martha. My daugher is at SFFS - 6th grade (Molly Bond). Nice to meet you here!

Darryl Price – Jul 14, 2009

You are the only person I know besides myself who actually read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell! Cool!

Alice K. Boatwright – Jan 11, 2009

Hi Martha, Thanks for inviting me into this new world. It's nice to read your profile, and I loved discussing your new book with you. . . only a few days ago and now I'm already back in Paris.

briggs nisbet – Aug 24, 2008

hey martha! glad you are saying yes, temporarily, and perhaps longer; i seem to be on the no cycle, unsuccessfully;trying to finish another blank blank story!! (that could be short short or it could not) It takes aeons. Post anything soon!! (i'm also in

Gary Percesepe – Aug 24, 2008

hi martha,

long time, eh? enterzone, and the like--and girl jesus!

Marcy Dermansky – Aug 20, 2008

I saw a trailer, yesterday, in a movie theater. Jim Carrey is also going to say yes to life. Another friend recently started to say yes to life and that got me a trip to the beach! Looking forward to reading your work.


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