Location Southern California
Occupation troublemaker
Website http://13stitches.ning.com/

About Me

Lorianne resides happily in Southern California. She wants to buy a little monkey if they are not too expensive and put him in the basket of her poetry bicycle then ride around in big, lazy circles while wearing a pair of combat boots and a sun dress with no panties.

I have published and been published, but what matters most is what I am writing today.

Why do you write?

why do i write? to make this unbearable world bearable

Any favorite authors? Books?

John Fante

Richard Brautigan

Charles Bukowski

so many more

lorianne's Wall

Mel Bosworth – Oct 25, 2009

and you. welcome to the party. it's....everywhere.

Gary Percesepe – Oct 25, 2009

an oh yeah, welcome to fictionaut, lorianne

Gary Percesepe – Oct 25, 2009

oh, yes, fante, def--

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