Kristin McGonigle

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About Me

I want to be a writer when I grow up. Currently I am at work on a collection of short stories. Despite their length, it's taking a long time.

Why do you write?

I wish I could figure this one out. I'd get a lot more work done. I joined this site because I enjoy the company and opinions of writers, what everyone is reading, working on, working with. Also, Marcy Demansky. I will do anything to be near Marcy Demansky.

Any favorite authors? Books?

The short stories of Lorrie Moore, Flannery O'Connor and Alice Munro. I read all novels by the young, hot "It" writers, usually with envy. But then I return them to B&N. Suckers!

I have gotten into Willa Cather in my old age. I've read a lot of Vonnegut and Salinger. I will probably read anything written by Dave Eggers, so go ahead and judge me.

Kristin McGonigle's Wall

Marcy Dermansky – Sep 09, 2008

Hey Kristin-

I had no idea you wanted to be near me; I feel like a celebrity. I'm so glad you swung by Fictionaut. I'd love to read one of your stories.


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