Keith Nathan Brown

Location Brattleboro, VT
Occupation Gimp

Any favorite authors? Books?

The Tropic Of Cancer; Mrs. Dalloway; The Sound And The Fury; Thus Spoke Zarathrustra; Herman Hesse; TS Eliot; Wallace Stevens; Being And Time; Notes From Underground; One Hundred Years Of Solitude; The Hobbit; Trout Fishing In America; Motorman; Marsupial; Ken Wilber; The World As Imagination; The Grapes Of Wrath; The Subterraneans; Mysteries;

Keith Nathan Brown's Wall

Tracey Curzon-Manners – Feb 13, 2009

I might end up running back in again Keith, we''ll see. I've been reading your comments on Brad's latest post, you are a scarily intelligent man but you did make me laugh with, 'Ooo let's get it on.'

Just glanced at your author/book profile, have you read 'The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock' by TS Eliot? Wonderful poem.

Tracey Curzon-Manners – Feb 12, 2009

Keith, lovely to see you on here too. Best of luck to all of us - yippee!

Brad Green – Feb 10, 2009

Hi Keith!

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