Johnny Walker

Location New York City
Occupation writer

Books by Johnny Walker
  • by Johnny Walker
    CIC Publications, 2011.

  • by Johnny Walker
    CIC Publications, 2011.
  • About Me

    Johnny Walker is a musician turned soundman turned author. He has received two Billboard Songwriting Citations and written songs for himself and others for over twenty-five years. After spending his youth on the road, he settled down in New York City where he became submersed in the live music and theater community. While still performing on stage, he became much more involved in sound design and began working for Ralph Lauren Media Services, Miramax Films, and name a few, as well as numerous venues throughout New York. First published in 2006, Johnny continues to pen the EKKO series from his home in New York.

    Why do you write?

    I like to look under each rock. I know there's something interesting in every room, every building, every cottage by the sea. People live as though they'll never leave, but they do. What they leave behind is way too mysterious to walk away from.
    I've been around a ton of good people and I've witnessed a shitload of bottom feeders, but it's all in the mix. Hanging on to the good peeps is the key. Ditching the crumb snatchers is mandatory.

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