Joann smith

Location New York
Occupation Writer/copywriter/administrator
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Why do you write?

Taking a walk always calms me down and helps me to clear my mind. When I think too hard about how a story should be working or what a character should be doing/saying, then I've inserted myself too deeply and it becomes about what I think, and not about the story or the character. So, I get up and take a walk and loosen my grip on everything.

This weekend I was being driving mad by too much TALKING!! Everyone has so much to say. I was jangled by all of it until I started thinking about it in terms of a story. How could I make a character disappear or lose herself completely in the face of all the talking around her? It's almost always people that fuel my creativity--what someone says, does, how someone looks, walks, how we attempt to relate to one other--that fuels me. I'm fascinated by people. If the sky is full of lightening, I'm more likely to be watching the people watching the lightening than watching the sky.

Any favorite authors? Books?

I was never a 'favorites' person, except for Mikhail Baryshnikov who was my favorite dancer, artist, celebrity, person. I go through periods where I want to read all of The Dubliners again and again. I read anything of Alice Munro, all the NYer stories. I loved Gone Girl. Recently, I reread The Death of Ivan Ilych. Whatever I need at the time.

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