Joan Curran

Location Northeast
Occupation writer
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About Me

I was Co-Editor in Chief of a Lit Mag called LOOMINGS, as an ungrad where I got to learn all about putting a small book together: text, art, printing. The collaborative process has inspired me throughout my life which I have spent on the design side of print, mostly business journalism few newspapers.

After raising a family, doing much volunteer work and starting a small business that centered around my love for antiques and collections, I am back to writing. I have just completed my first novel, a commercial fiction adventure, and have started on a collection of vignettes, which feel like flash fiction but may be too long to be in that category.

I love nature as well as cities; people and their stories. I revel in irony.

Why do you write?

I write because people inspire me. Relationships, Interactions, ironies, injustices with patches of happiness and positive outcomes because any outcome has to be dealt with positively. I think these dynamics reflect life in a balanced way in spite of the zig zags it takes.

Snippets of pure bliss are in everyday life as well, I would attempt to capture them in my writing but also in short poetry. I love to hear a lyrical poem, feel the breeze in the leaves. I respect the poet who can bring the reader there. It is a most challenging, yet pleasant journey.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Walt Whitman, Anna Quinlan, John Updike, Dan Chaon, Stephen King, Nancy Sims,
John Tytell, Ayn Rand, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Steve Martin...I'm all over the place. I like Norbert Krapf's poerty.

I love good journalism.

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