Jenifer Ransom

Location San Francisco
Occupation writer/artist/editur

Why do you write?

As an artist and poet, I seek to explore images, ideas and visions that inspire and intrigue me on many levels. A creative work can start with a seed-thought or image, and grow from there.

I've written poetry for much of my life, and recently I've started creating art again. I've had no formal training in art; I'm learning as I go, and enjoying the process. I'm finding I enjoy combining the visual and verbal mediums, and that they can feed into one another - poetry (my own and others') can inspire paintings and vice versa.

I've been on a path of spiritual growth for many years and am particularly interested in the Shift in human consciousness that is occurring at this time. As this is part and parcel of who I am, it is reflected in my work, though often in a subtle and indirect manner.

I also write fiction, nonfiction, song lyrics, and am at work on a screenplay. I hope always to be growing as a person, expanding my consciousness and thus my creations.

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