Jake Berry

Books by Jake Berry
  • by Jake Berry
    Station Hill Press, 2005.

  • by Jake Berry, Jeffrey Side
    Lavender Ink, 2010.

  • by Jake Berry
    Potes & Poets Press, 1998.

  • by Jake Berry, Jake N. Berry
    Pantograph Press, 1995-09.

  • by Bill Lavender, Bill Lavender, Professor Hank Lazer, Profess...
    University Alabama Press, 2002.

  • by Jake Berry
    , 1987.

  • by Jake Berry
    9th St. Laboratories, 2001.

  • by Jake Berry
    Runaway Spoon Press, 1991-05.

  • by Ivan Arguelles, Jake Berry
    Luna Bisinte Prods., Columbus, 1997.
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    Ann Bogle – Aug 10, 2012

    Jake, some time ago I linked my general forums thread at Fictionaut, "Victims in contemporary literature," at Otherstream and invited participation. I have a few invitations to F'naut to extend. Had I known you were interested in joining F'naut, I certainly would have invited you, but it seems Marc Vincenz has invited you instead. Glad you joined. Your publication list is wildly impressive. Another South: Experimental Writing in the South is a title I had not seen.

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