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About Me

Retired engineer, Florida PE with BBA and BSME from U of Miami and MSME from Memphis State. Worked for several of the largest manufacturers in the US including Westinghouse, General Dynamics, Lockheed, and SAIC. Taught engineering as an Associate Professor at State Technical Institute at Memphis. Operated own wholesale magazine and book distributorship for seven years. Also performed technical marketing function for several of the above companies.

Active as an adult leaader in Boy Scouts of America. Life member and Senior Navigator in United States Power Squadron. Have been an avid small boat sailor since age of eight and still own a small sailboat. Have cruised East Coast of Florida, the Bahamas and even made it to Bermuda.

Why do you write?

I have been writing nearly all my life. It started with a life time correspondence with a favorite cousin. In spare moments at work I wrote thoughts and short essays. My initial writing was entirely first person and boring. I now abhor first person writing. Forty years ago I created a character Martin Luther Gittleman and written approximately 150 short stories about him. Also am developing a Me and Jim series about a couple of 12 year olds. As the mood strikes I also write miscellanious short stories, wide ranging, scifi, fantasy, character studies and whatever else comes out my finger tips. My fingers are the creative ones. I get a germ of an idea and sit down at the kewboard. My fingers then take over. I write because I enjoy the experience.

Any favorite authors? Books?

This is difficult. Patrick McManus, Patrick OBrian, Somerset Maugham, Philip Wylie, Theodore Dreiser, Sherwood Anderson, Virginia Wolff, Thomas Wolf, E. A. Poe, O'Henry, Willa Cather, Edna Ferber,Mark Twain and Ayn Rand to mention a few. I do not like the new school writers who have dropped the art of writing. None could touch Chekhov, in descriptions, for instance. Writing should be literature and newspaper style doesn't get it.

My favorite books are just about anything by the above authors aand the clasics although Atlas Shrugged and Generation of Vipers stand out along with Maugham's A Writer's Notebook.

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