Glenda Blaisdell-Buck

Location North Carolina
Occupation Teacher/Librarian, Retired

About Me

I am a retired teacher/librarian who has spent most of her career working with teens. Now I am writing YA novels set in the fictional town of Sunset Isle, North Carolina, and centering around messages left in the Kindred Spirit mailbox, which is in reality located in the dunes of a the Bird Island wildlife sanctuary. My husband and I are amateur winemakers, and we regularly host high school exchange students through AFS. I am a member of the Charlotte Writers Club.

Why do you write?

I've spent my life around teenagers and books and have read YA literature extensively throughout my lifetime. I've always said I could write YA novels, and now there is no excuse. I am also dabbling in shorter fiction, which is much harder, but I am learning a lot.

Any favorite authors? Books?

As a writer, I am influenced by Mary Doria Russell, Harper Lee, Robin McKinley, and others. I supposed that is because their books are among my favorites.

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Gary V. Powell – Jun 18, 2014

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