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About Me

I'm a mother of three girls, married for 11 years and work full-time in communications and Hispanic outreach. So between basketball practices, grocery shopping, cooking dinner, baths, and meaningful conversations with hubby, I write. Sometimes it's not for days, but I try to squeeze in at least 30 minutes to an hour every day as often as I can. And I try to think a lot about character, plot, etc. when I'm not actually writing.

I'm also a former newspaper reporter who covered cops and minority affairs. My writing experience includes a stint as a community opinion columnist for the Dallas Morning News and a published short story in the University of Texas at El Paso's literary magazine, BorderSenses. I've written one children's novel, which stinks. And I am working on the second novel catered to the YA market.

Why do you write?

What fuels my creativity? Quiet. Quiet fuels my creativity. And as I write this, my daughter is playing the piano, 30 Rock is on, my husband keeps talking to me, or at least trying to, and its a wonder I can even think.

I write because I must. If I don't, I get moody and even cranky. And when mama ain't happy ... you know.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Flowers for Algernon was the first book that made me cry. Recent reads: Harlan Coben's "Gone for Good" in the suspense/thriller category for adults. Nancy Farmer's "The House of the Scorpion"-definitely the genre and target audience for me. Love American Short Stories anthology for 2009 so far.

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