Evangelina Arvizu

Location California
Occupation Writer; Fiction & Non-Fiction
Website http://

About Me

Former Legal (Litigation) career professional with broad skills acquired through interests in education and expanded training. 
 My personality, according to Meyers Briggs Institute, is "ENFJ" -- naturally friendly, outgoing and enthusiastic communicator who prefers to follow through to a successful end of any project. 

"ENFJ" people are motivated by relationships, and are advocates of justice, equality and fairness. Personally, I work (write) to serve with a sense of wholeness and balance that I enjoy offering to my communities. 
My demeanor highlights a natural leadership ability, a strong common sense of inclusion to resolves challenges in projects or disputes. I prefer environments that focus on strong relationships, rather than "competition" -- to win or exclude others -- that may advance a whole experience, depth of comprehension of inclusion. I firmly believe that lifetime relationships add mutually to each connection.

Why do you write?

Living fuels my creativity; I write because I am interested to do so.

Any favorite authors? Books?

So many to name here.

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