Evan Karp

Location Bay Area
Occupation growth
Website http://evankarp.com

About Me

I don't write a lot of fiction right now but I read a ton. In addition to doing book reviews for The Rumpus + Bookslut I write author profiles and such for The San Francisco Chronicle and cover literary culture for Examiner.com, for which I attend a godly number of readings, record them, and post the videos with commentary on my blog (http://bit.ly/sflitter).

I also run a reading series in SF called Quiet Lightning, which is monthly and submission-based and features around 14-15 readers per show because we don't do introductions and readers do not even announce their names—it's a bam! bam! bam! kind of thing, a mash-up of fiction, poetry, personal statement … anything goes. Check it out @ http://qlightning.wordpress.com. We print the accepted submissions each month under the moniker sPARKLE & bLINK, which we sell at the show. It's a fun experiment and has worked pretty well so far.

I don't do much else right now. I love bicycles and cannot imagine a better place to have one than he bay area.

Why do you write?

Despite going to an average of 4 readings a week, I often find myself surrounded by friends who are all authors and constantly realize how amazing it is that everyone around me is trying to improve their powers of expression—creators all. I am currently finding a direct relationship between being humbled and inspired—a great feeling.

I write because I value nothing more than feats of expression and consider language to be the most illuminating form. I believe we have the power to determine who we are and what we experience and think language our greatest tool to understanding this power.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Dostoevsky is my favorite writer of fiction.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra is my favorite book.

I love Henry Miller, HST, Knut Hamsun, the verve of Walt Whitman, …

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Darryl Price – Apr 22, 2010

Well.what luck that you have landed where you have. Bloom.

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