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I write for an online publication, WildRiverReview.com. After living and traveling in Italy for a year, I started writing my first book (which had nothing to do with Italy). Then, I spent a very long and difficult year working in marketing and sales for an apparel company which kept me on the road for weeks at a time. Now, I am back at home, thank God, living again in Philly. I have finished my first novel and am starting another one.

I know almost nothing about publishing and was very surprised to realize that merely completing the great task of writing a book did not mean that getting it published would be the easy, final last little detail of the process. So, here I am- trying to learn something.

Why do you write?

Well... This is embarrassing.

At first, I started writing because I could never get my horrible monster of a boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) to listen to my reasoning. On anything. Not being able to get any words in edgewise, I wrote him letters. Not being certain the letters were effective, I started writing a book in the first person narrative, in which I was the protagonist and he was the antagonist, so that he would naturally feel compelled to empathies with my plot.

As I wrote, I found myself laughing my way through it. My friends and their friends started reading it and they all laughed at it, which encouraged me to go on. It was great therapy.

Now, he is a distant memory, the book is no longer even about him, and I found that I really, really enjoy writing.

Any favorite authors? Books?

I like so many different books I could never say. I read obsessively, and only curb it so that I can write. If I could read for a living I would.

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Darryl Price – Apr 06, 2010

Yeah I've always thought reading for a living would be great, too, but then for me reading is kind of like living in a very fine way.Welcome.

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