Deborah Mitton

Location Eastern Canada
Occupation Writer

About Me

I'm no one special. Just your average wife, mother, grandmother, friend, co-worker, or neighbour. The only difference, if any, is that I have the urgent need to put down on paper the voices in my head. Once their story is told, they are kind and leave me alone until there is another story that must be told.

I have recently retired and have just about finished my first novel "Ten For The Devil" which is a Physiological Thriller with historial references. The title was taken from a 1600's poem "A Murder of One". There are many versions of this poem and you most likely know it if you count crows.

I have started my second novel "One For Sorrow" a prelude to "Ten" and the third book will be titled "Seven Secrets Never To Be Told".

In "Ten For The Devil" we are introduced to many characters that will be in the other two ...or murdered in this one. Sorry I do kill off some very nice characters. My work is one Wattpad link is here too, if you want to read some chapters before I publish.

I was going to make "Ten" a Historical Fiction as the novel and the others will be in 1800 - 1900 Eastern Canada ...butSeth my psychopatch took over the story. He is a very charming fellow when he isn't killing off his family and others.

Why do you write?

I know that other writers will tell you the same story that I write because I have to, its true. I carried these stories in my head for years and started them a number of times before I said this is it ...I'm going to write until my fingers hurt or something with less drama. Now that I have written Seth story (or part of it) new voices are calling me to tell theirs. Here's hoping that you will enjoy their woes and joys as much as I have.

Any favorite authors? Books?

I love the lyrical style of Elizabeth Goudge ...The Dean's Watch is my favorite. I love Charles Dickens, the way he describes his characters until we feel we know them. I love Stephen King ... I enjoy the mind games he plays. There are many more but these are my favorite.

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