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    I'm an armed forces vet. My status is Korea War Veteran. I am also a musician and played percussion while in the U.S. Army where I left as a Staff Sergeant and returned to civilian life after three years. I returned to university a Political Science major. I have written seven novels and decided to publish the last two. "Armed Forces in Harm's Way," was my first one about drugs at our nations military and naval colleges. An FBI sting sent an undercover Special Agent in to get the distributors. Tate publishing.com is my publisher.

    I have just recently became a member of Professional Speakers Association and also the Guild. I'm a veteran of sixty five presentations. I love being a speaker where I incorporate my acting ability. I'm also capable of humor.

    I'm also an actor and was on the set of the very popular "The Sopranos.", 18 Shades of Dust and Up the Creek. I am also a non-pro on the stage and was the detective in "The Westside Story."

    I have also written FOXES- BEAUTIFUL CUNNING DEADLY published by lulu.com which is in hard cover and digital form. You don't really want to miss my novels. The second one is about the U.S. Marines turned actor, able to speak the Arab language and look like natives to take a life at any opportunity that becomes avaiable.

    Why do you write?

    I was hoping to get what they call a side income. That income was to become a best seller. Military service provided the facts about all the branches of service and their ranks. My work is about the navy, marines and the army. Three years of service provided the facts. I was a leader of men, from the squad to standing on a four foot platform to lead in the daily dozen of 144 various movements.

    Any favorite authors? Books?

    My favorite books are lawyers, detectives, romance all w/o the cursing.

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