Chris Connelly

Location Chicago / Edinburgh

About Me

Scottish, moved to the USA in 1988 to join the a loud, fast electronic band (Ministry) have been making music and writing since 1978, wrote a bio in 2006 ("concrete, bulletproof, invisible and fried") which did well, and have a book of poetry ("confessions of the highest bidder" 1999)

I still make music, which becomes more abstract as I get wordier, tend to think of my music as impressionistic paintings without being pretentious, they are just that way.

I wrote my first Novel in 2008/2009, "Ed Royal" , and am excited about writing more fiction.

Why do you write?

I have always written and made records, when I was a kid I'd draw pictures and write, it has always been about creating something out of absolutely nothing-out of silence . If I do not have anything creative on the go, I am miserable, when I finish one thing, I start the next, and it has taken precedence over my social life and my own enjoyment of other peoples art, which I do regret, however, if I am writing, and I have to finish it to move on to the next thing . I believe it's probably some kind of disorder, but a very creative one! thankfully, in all other areas of my life I am reasonable, I think.

Any favorite authors? Books?

James Lasdun, Patricia Highsmith, Ian McEwan, William Boyd, Denise Mina, Iain Rankine, Ruth Rendell, Hugo Wilcken, James M Cain, Cornell Woolrich

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