Beth Dugan

Location Chicago, IL
Occupation Writter
IM (GTalk) Eldugan

About Me

I'm a freelance writer living and working in Chicago. I has my MFA from Columbia College, and am working on my first novel. I regularly contribute to Time Out Chicago, Venus Zine, Chicago Collection Magazine, UR Chicago, Centerstage Chicago, and NewCity, and I am available for freelance work in the marketing, journalism, and consulting fields. My fiction has appeared in, The Banana King, Reservoir Magazine, The South Loop Review, Grumble!, and Ugly Accent. I participated in the 2nd Story Festival in May of 2008 and am scheduled to perform again in April of 2009.

I live in the Ukrainian Village in Chicago with three cats (Piggy, Simon and Al) and a very patient boyfriend.

Why do you write?

My creativity is fueled by other people's stories and the profound sense that I have something to say that no one can say better.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Kurt Vonnegut, Margaret Atwood, Lisa Glatt, Jennifer Egan, and Alice Munro.