Amy Risner

Location Columbus, OH

About Me

I am quiet yet sarcastic. I am in love with traveling, flying, taking pictures, reading, writing, and cooking. I am half-Thai and half-American, and can speak Thai fluently.

Why do you write?

Everything has a story. The butternut squash sitting in my kitchen has a story. It's these stories that "fuel" my creativity. Something simple and mindless will inspire me.

I began writing a memoir about my life of living in two different countries; but it is with a more humorous, saracastic twist. I was never one to be so serious.

Any favorite authors? Books?

A whole mess of stuff: Literary fiction, mystery and thriller, science fiction, "chick lit", young adult. The list goes on and on. My favorite would be memoirs.

Amy Risner's Wall

Gary Percesepe – Dec 07, 2009

hey amy--welcome.

this is your wall. this is me, writing, on it.

post something! from your memoir-in-progress, or anything you want. this is a pretty cool place--

i am glad you are here.

all best,


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