Amy Mazzariello

Location Wisconsin
Occupation Bookseller
Website http://

About Me

I'm a reader & bookseller, mom, wife, sister, friend, pet owner, mazda driver, and probably someone's nemesis. Oh, and I like to think I'm an okay writer - when I apply myself.

Why do you write?

My creativity flows when worlds collide and things are not quite right. And then it moves through a gushing confluence and into a gentle course when all the cosmic dust and particles finally find their way toward the innocent beauty that swirls around my two lovely, angelic and honest daughters. Watching them navigate their own worlds is a show I am glad to be in the audience of. There is a lot to be learned from them about this strange, strange world. The first lesson I have mastered is that we all certainly sour as we ripen. I write because I have to. The words are always there in my mind, whether or not they find their way out. I have often thought that this meant that that the writer in me was of my own imagination, but as the stories pile up I think that one day they will spill out.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Carson McCullers
Darcey Steinke
Sigrid Nunez
Dan Chaon
Peter Geye

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