Alistair Sowerbutts


About Me

Ageing author of The Pyn King, born in Southampton, UK, educated in Wales. Now just all over the place.

Why do you write?

Oooh, this is a difficult one to answer, like "where do you get your ideas?" Well, obviously I must enjoy writing, although try telling me that when I'm in tears and obsessed about repetitions within chapters, or a chapter I'd been looking forward to writing just doesn't cut the mustard. I liken the process to childbirth when not in the company of women, who would chide me for such a comment and rightly so. To paraphrase David Eddings, if you're a writer you'll write, whether you're paid or not.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Favourite authors are John Irving, Clive James, Terry Pratchett (his 80s & 90s stuff - ah, the nostalgia!) and David Eddings. I'm also a great admirer of Aaron Sorkin and The West Wing.