Falcon Eyes

by Veronica Purcell

Falcon felt his chest burn as he raced for this first class, and his new school life, at Kuria Shinjitsu High School. 

The rubber soles of his indoor shoes squeaked fiercely down the emptied hallways that he sped through, marking the worn grey linoleum with fresh late-comer streaks. 

He halted before a closed door beneath a faded sign bearing the words 2-A.

Falcon calmed his heart rate with a few deep sighs, convincing himself that his lateness was excusable for his first day. 

He tentatively knocked on the door. Waited. After a brief pause, the door opened. His new school life had began.

"Excuse my late intrusion Yamashita-sensei," said Falcon, politely, as he stepped into the room.

Tomohisa welcomed his new student with a cordial smile and a beckon to enter further into the room.

Falcon assumed Tomohisa's side at the front of his new classmates.

"Everyone, this is..." Tomohisa began his introduction.

"Falcon," Falcon interrupted.

"Falcon? Really?" Tomohisa quizzed Falcon and sighed at the boy's unperturbed stare.

"Fine. He's your new classmate starting today," Tomohisa brushed off.

"Thank you Sensei. Please to meet you. I'm in your care," Falcon greeted the rows of indistinguishable faces he would become part of after the moment was over.

He gave his new class a formal bow before occupying the only empty desk in the middle row, against the wall.

Tomohisa restarted his homeroom duties, and continued until the bell rang for the first lesson of the day minutes later.

It didn't take long for his classmates to treat Falcon as a short lived novelty. He was instantly seized upon by his female classmates as soon as the bell rang.

"Is Falcon your real name?" A girl asked with a dumb expression behind doe-like eyes.

"You look really young. Your skin is so smooth," said another girl with one of her manicured fingers poking at his cheek.

"Um, ladies please! Not all at once. Your radiance is too blinding; I'm feeling overwhelmed," Falcon said through a charming smile whilst hiding his cringe at having to say a cheesy line.

It only stirred up the opposite and he found his face pressed into a cushy bosom of a babe.

"KAWAII!" the babe squealed; ignoring Falcon's struggles to break free.

"Akio cut it out! We're switching classes. You can't be late," a manly voice shouted over his ears.

Falcon was crudely freed from his bosom captivity to face his savior-boy.

"Kid, you better not get too close with Akio if you value your balls," the savior-boy warned.

Falcon acknowledged his words with a nod. Of course he valued his balls, especially, when he was staring at the face of the type he liked.

The savior-boy stood before him with stoic presence and serious frown scrunching up his perfectly symmetrical almond eyes. His features weren't exceptional but they were pleasant to look at. His loose bangs and casual wear of his uniform added to his image of "cool".

A dirty thought of Savior-Boy's plump mouth teasing his testes surfaced to Falcon's mind. He shook the dirty thought aside and gave his senior a grateful bow.

"Thank you Senpai. I wasn't expecting to be mobbed like that," Falcon said innocently as he followed the boy out of the classroom and down the hallway.

"I'm your Senpai huh?"

"I imagine so since everyone in class would be older than myself," Falcon responded nonchalantly.

"Well I guess you do look like a junior high student. How old are you anyway?"

"Me? I'm fifteen."

Savior-Boy stopped in his tracks to stare at Falcon with disbelief.

Falcon smiled and asked another question to change the subject.

"What is your name Senpai if you don't mind me asking?"

"Yamashita Tomo," the boy answered.

"Like our teacher's?"

"Yeah. You can call me Tomo," Tomo sighed and resumed his lead down the hallway. "Don't expect me to be your babysitter."

"Of course not Yamashita-senpai." Falcon smiled warmly as he followed his senpai's heels into their next class.

"Sorry, Tomo-senpai," he corrected himself.

"Whatever," was Tomo's response.

Falcon grinned stupidly as he called out the name of his first school friend repeatedly until it earned him a friendly whack to his back.

section break

Falcon was relieved that he was able to ascertain a place among his peers by the end of his first school day. Albeit one of an untouchable moe-like kid. It was perfectly fine. His purpose for attending school wasn't to notch up numbers in a popularity contest anyway.

"Gawd what a normal first day," Falcon sighed as he slumped himself down on his overused sofa.

He had come straight home to a compact, crusty shack of an apartment that had only bare essentials and enough running water for one.

Regardless of its rundown appearance, he felt comfortable and safe. Or so he had thought. Seeing his old handler greeting him from his living room really ticked him off.

"Shit Miyagi. What the hell you doing here?"

"Rude boy. I thought I had trained you better in etiquette. Anyhow, I am only doing my rounds," said a wiry man sporting a funeral suit and killer shades.

Miyagi removed his shades and jacket; he eased himself into the single chair that faced the sofa Falcon was lounging on.

"My, this place is, ehem, modest," Miyagi complimented Falcon's sparse home with a screwed up expression. "Enjoy living alone?"

"Get to the point," Falcon brushed off.

"Your rudeness will always be your weakness." Miyagi seemed indifferent to the fact. "Still, it wasn't easy to track you down but to think you'd end up here. Somehow, I doubt it was coincidence."

"It's coincidence and you better not have a job for me. Why'd you think I came back to Japan?" Falcon stated his piece.

"Even if the job includes the location of the one responsible for your family's demise?"

Falcon paused. He wasn't sure to trust Miyagi's words.


Miyagi's smile widened. He leaned forward.

"He's in Japan."

"Not possible. Monsters like Hammond don't bother with Asian traditionalist societies."

Miyagi eased back into the chair; his expression became smug.

"Ren Mizuno, for a child genius you are not that bright."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"My, my, even your dialect has become crude since leaving there. I fear I have no choice."

Miyagi eased out of the chair and stoically placed his jacket and shades back on. He made his way to the door.

"I will be in touch," he declared before exiting Falcon's home.

Falcon leaned forward; brooding uneasily about what had been discussed.

"Hammond." He spat out the vile name.

His hands curled into tight fists; muscles tensed as he felt his rage boiling. He gripped the edge of a large cushion (lying carelessly to the floor) and started violently whacking the walls with it; cursing the name of Hammond at the same time.

When his rage was spent, he grabbed his keys, jacket and wallet, and stormed out of his apartment.

section break

His conversation with Miyagi left Falcon feeling drained. Nevertheless, he staggered down the landing of his apartment block and his way down an urban street; passing the odd vendor machine, narrow side lanes and a mismatch array of traditional and modern stores and other apartment blocks. His journey turned into a noisy street with heavy traffic flowing in one direction.

He walked beneath an underpass and ended at small-time family pharmacy. The store let out a welcoming chime as he pushed aside the plastic noren. Inside was a tight space; cluttered with stocked shelves of local and imported health products.

"Aah Mizuno-kun!" An elderly chemist called out to Falcon when he saw him enter.

Falcon made his way to the man behind the counter at the far-end of the store.

"Evening Saito-san. Did it arrive?" Falcon politely asked the elderly chemist. His eyes wandered to his shiny name tag against the right breast of his lab coat.

"It did, and should last you a month if you're a good boy and follow instructions," Saito-san confirmed with an authority tone. He handed Falcon a carry satchel.

"I'm always a good boy Saito-san," Falcon said with a wink as he handed Saito-san his payment.

Saito-san sighed when he notice Falcon leaning his weight against the counter as he balanced the satchel to his shoulder. The boy looked fragile and pasty.

"Make sure you take an injection when you arrive home. There's also some diuretics and ural in there as well."

Falcon nodded his head and started making his way out. His way was blocked by two burly men in black suits as they entered the store.

"Excuse me," Falcon said as he stepped aside to give way to the grim-faced men who stomped their way to Saito-san.

He watched the elderly chemist timidly greet the men as he handed over an unmarked bag. The men received the bag and turned to make their way out of the store. Falcon made sure he was gone before they spotted him again.

He started his way back toward his apartment. The corner of his eyes caught an interesting site of a newish all black European model car parked near the corner, on the other side of the road. It seemed elite thug cars were just as common place in his new neighborhood. Somehow he wasn't surprised by the fact since he was living on the edge of Kabukicho after all. Oddly, the presence of those cars made him feel safer.

The characteristics of three boys, around his age, beneath the underpass made him pause for thought. They were wearing expensive sportswear in bad taste like a wannabe rapper. He analyzed them further; taking note of their build, demeanor, unusual bulges to their baggy jackets and the attitudes they exchanged with each other. A lopsided smirk stretched the corner of his mouth.

"Oi, what we 'ave 'ere!" One of the bad taste boys called out when he spotted Falcon walking toward them.

"Hey pussy, got cash?" said another.

Falcon soon found his back pinned against a concrete wall beneath the underpass; the boys surrounding him.

"What's in dat bag aye?" The bigger of the boys tried to grab at Falcon's bag.

"A bomb," Falcon stated sarcastically.

"Joker huh?"

"Didn't think it was funny."

A moment of still silence passed between the boys before Falcon broke it.

"Listen. If you're that bored for a good time, why not pester that car over there. " Falcon pointed to the parked black European car. "Sure the owner has more money than a C-grade high school student wearing threadbare shoes."

"Don't be daft. Dat car Yakuza." The bigger boy sniggered as he closed in on Falcon.

At that moment the two black suited men exited the pharmacy and were making their way to their car. Falcon called out to catch their attention and gave them a friendly wave.

The men nodded and stepped into the car.

"Yah aint know none of dah Kyodai."

Falcon sighed as he wiped spittle from his cheek on his shoulder.

"Maybe yes, maybe no but you wanna gamble on it?"

The boys stared into Falcon's wavering eyes. The biggest boy pushed himself further against Falcons chest whilst another youth struggled to rip the satchel from Falcon's shoulder. It wasn't easy since the satchel was sandwich between Falcon's butt and the wall.

"I'm gonna slug yah one. Now give meh all yah got!"

"Kinky. You gonna slug me one with your tight fist down there?" Falcon teased the biggest boy.

His eyes darted to the boy's bulging lower regions. He did the unthinkable. He gripped the bigger boy's groin with unexpected brute strength and gave it a twist. Two fingers from his freehand fiercely poked at a trigger point underneath the jaw of the other boy who had been struggling at the satchel. The boy reeled back with pain and accidentally nose butted the third boy behind him.

The grip on Falcon eased so he as able to slip free. He took a few steps back to readjust the satchel strap across his chest.

"Don't come looking for me. Next time I might actually be carrying a bomb," he warned the moaning boys before making a smooth escape down the road.

section break

Tomohisa woke to the smell of salty fish broth and the savory aroma of steaming vegetables. The sound of his kitchen being worked brought him to his senses.

He slipped out of his futon; ensuring silence with his movements. His hands instinctively gripped the handle of the tin baseball bat that was propped conveniently behind his door. He peaked around the corner and saw his assailant positioned at three o'clock. Holding his breath, he skillfully tipped toe toward his assailant's, unsuspecting, back with the bat raised high above his head for the kill.

"Not a good idea when I'm carrying a hot plate of your breakfast," said the assailant as he turned to face Tomohisa.

Tomohisa relaxed his bat to his side and let out a defeated sigh.

"Oh dear. This is becoming a bad habit Falcon," he groaned and sat in his usual stool at the end of the kitchenette counter.

Falcon placed the steaming plate of food before him. He laid out additional small bowls of miso and rice then started tucking into his own plate next to Tomohisa.

"Yurv geffin rusfty owlf man," said Falcon chewing a mouthful of breakfast.

"That is because I'm not a young ruffian as yourself. And don't talk with your mouth full. Such disgraceful manners. And, why do you persistently choose to break into my unit and have breakfast here," Tomohisa sighed as he pecked at his plate with his chopsticks.

"Break in? But your door was open," Falcon feigned innocence with a cheesy expression.

Tomohisa shuffled off his stool and checked the lock of his front door that was so wiggly and rusty it was hardly likely to stop a kitten from breaking in if it pushed itself against it.

"Well, I suppose you have a point. I honestly cannot believe Miyagi-san would put me up in a place with the worst security. That man is an awful enigma."

Falcon scoffed back his food.

"Are you being funny Sensei? Quit dicking around and get dressed already. Unlike you, I get demerits for being late to school." Falcon smirked at the mismatched sight of his homeroom teacher in a grey wife-beater and chibi tiger stripped boxers.

"Honestly, dude, the eighties was, like, three decades ago. About time you get in the now?" Falcon chuckled.

"Oh really? Well, myself in the  'now' is tempted to issue you two late attendance demerits on your record Mr C Grade Average," said Tomohisa through a malicious smirk.

"Huh?! After I made you breakfast you jerk!" Falcon protested.

"This is for breaking into my unit. I did say tempted and will hold myself back from doing so if you leave this place by the time I count to five. One... two..."

"Waah, you're counting down now? But breakfast..."

"...Three." Tomohisa continued to count down.

"Fine!" Falcon growled as he grabbed his school satchel and slammed Tomohisa's door on his way out.

"Five." Tomohisa sighed at the sight of the trembling door.

He checked the time on his watch and realized he didn't have much of a morning schedule left for kitchen clean up. So, finished his breakfast as quickly as he could and shoved all the dishes into the sink. He quickly suited up in his average brown teacher's suit, resettled his reading glasses up the bridge of his nose and did a once over of his Oxford scholar image in the half sized mirror pinned to the wall near the genken.

"Off we go," he said as he stepped outside and locked up.

"Note to self to replace lock," he thought as he pocketed his keys and hurried down the entrance balcony and stairs to his usual bus stop.

His heart slowed when he noticed a change to his morning routine.

He had been a teacher for Kuria Shinjitsu High School for the last three months as a temporary replacement English teacher. It hadn't taken him long to establish an orderly routine and notice the routine of others at the same time.

At 7:15 am it had become a familiarity of seeing the same old lady dressed in grey cherry blossom patterned kimono and white gloves seated at the bus shelter, next to her were a pair of gossiping middle school girls from the near by school and another bland suited salary man with brill creamed hair and a cheap imitation watch. Of course, he had done some quick observation analysis on them. The elderly lady appeared to be visiting her local library in the mornings, the salary man only talked about his boring work to another on his phone and the girls would whisper a saucy conversation about two men dating. Thus his experience had checked them off as typical civilians.

Today there was a teenage boy waiting among them. The boy's stolid demeanor was triggering all his flags.

He stood to wait next to the old lady so he was a short distance from the boy. His eyes darted back and forth to the boy who seemed oblivious to his scrutiny. He did notice the agitated excitement between the middle school girls who weren't shy to whisper something called a seme/uke rating with each other.

Tomohisa's eyes lingered on the boy's perfect student image. He was as perfect is a one of those Korean clean-cut singers his students were so fond of. He scanned through his mind's archive and returned a name of the boy.

"Oonami Ryuusuke, Class 3-C, Student Council Secretary and the district's number one ranked honor student," he pieced together the boy's profile in his mind.

"What are you doing here?" He thought out loud and swallowed a gasp when Ryuusuke turned his way.

"Sensei?" Ryuusuke whispered.

Tomohisa sensed a tone of shock from the boy's acknowledgement. He decided to see find out more of the boy's purpose for being there. He abandoned his spot beside the old woman and took up an uncomfortable position between himself and the middle school girls so he could initiate further conversation.

The corner of his eyes snagged sight of another worry that was approaching them from the other side of the road.

He kept up some pleasant trivial chit chat with Ryuusuke as his inner eyes kept track of the approaching thugs in black suits coolly making their way across the road.

A bus pulled up to the the kerb to block Tomohisa's view from his assailants. He managed to get onto the bus with Ryuusuke and the others before the black-suited men had a chance to clamber on-board. He looked back at the rear-view window and caught sight of them at the bus stop; watching the bus drive away.

He let out a sigh of relief and wondered if it they were a threat or just harmless salary men running late for the bus to work. No. He had been in the business long enough to know the signs of approaching danger. There was something about those men that seemed under-handed. It was the same type of feeling he was getting from the boy seated next to him.

"It is the first time you have caught this bus Oonami-kun?" Tomohisa feigned indifference.

"Yes Yamashita-sensei," Ryuusuke cordially answered back.

"I don't teach any of his classes, Yet, he doesn't seemed surprised that I would know of him. My my, such a pompous little prince," Tomohisa thought with chuckle.

He continue the pretense of civil chit-chat with the boy throughout their journey to school. He felt certain it was going to be a lot more interesting that his usual routine days.

section break

Falcon was called into the Principal's office during afternoon class time that saw him skip his favorite lesson — PE.

He had suspected to find Miyagi behind the annoying intrusion so wasn't surprised when he saw that Men in Black imitation and his homeroom teacher sitting in a pair of left over student chairs before a solid desk supporting a proudly polished name plate with the words 'Principal Tanaka Akihiro'. Behind the desk was a short stop of a Principal whose roundish frame appeared small in his high back power chair. Especially, before two men taller than himself.

"It's like Kim Jong-un facing off with his neighbor Asian leaders." Falcon couldn't help thinking as he stepped into the cramp sized room and closed the door.

He stood behind Tomohisa and waited for his principal to further acknowledge him.

"Mizuno Ren..." Tanaka-sensei started.

"It's Falcon, er, kun, Sir," Falcon interrupted the man who looked less than impressed.

"Right. Do you know why we've called you here?" Tanaka-sensei asked.

His eyes narrowed as he waited for Falcon's response.

"My bad grades I guess Sir. What else would bring Papa here — right Pops?" Falcon replied nonchalantly.

He flashed a cheeky wink to Miyagi who released a sigh filled with annoyance.

"I apologise for my subordinate's appalling attitude Tanaka-sensei," Miyagi apologized on Falcon's behalf.

"Woah Pops. I didn't know I embarrassed you so much to make you think I'm nothing more than your lower level grunt." Falcon faked his dejection.

"Enough Falcon! Tanaka-sensei is aware of your purpose for being in this school. And, that you are, most definitely not, Miyagi-san's son." Tomohisa stopped Falcon's further teasing.

"Okay. Well, as you were, I guess," Falcon calmed down and allowed Tanaka-sensei to continue his explanation.

It was the first time Falcon had heard of his role in a public security assignment Miyagi had signed him up to. The explanation was scant. It was clear Tanaka-sensei was only given enough information to ensure the school's support and awareness but had no clue as to what the actual danger was. Of course, no one but the principal was allowed to know of the possible (currently only rumors for concern) security risk. Definitely, no one was to know of Falcon's work as an undercover agent.

"We suspect the school is not in any threatening strike zone yet there is concerns that certain, undesirable, groups might use the place as a convenient meeting point. For this reason, we lend you the experience of this young man. He will uproot any rats and report them back to us to deal with."

Miyagi leaned forward toward Tanaka-sensei so their faces were a whisper away.

" I do not need to mention, Tanaka Akihiro-sensei, you are sworn to absolute secrecy by power of the government or face criminal penalties for aiding and abetting. Not even your wife or family must be made aware least you risk putting their lives in danger."

He stood when he was satisfied with Tanaka-sensei's reaction and faced Falcon who kept his thoughts to himself.

"I guess I've made myself clear?"

Falcon was certain the Roy Orbison impersonator wasn't asking him a question.

"You do realise I'm a strapping 15 year old boy who just wants to have fun?" Falcon tested his handler's response.

"I don't know any other 15 year old who can do, and will do, what needs to be done. Reflect on the truth of what would make your life peaceful... Falcon," Miyagi threw over his shoulder before he stepped out of the room without waiting for Tanaka-sensei's permission to leave.

Tomohisa rose and politely bowed before his Principal. He grabbed Falcon's head and forced the boy to bow before the man before yanking him out of the room.

Falcon followed Tomohisa's lead down the empty school hallway. He could tell that the man was pissed off to the max with him.

"You know, Falcon, I do not know what manners you were taught in your schools in Sydney, but here students respect their seniors unconditionally. Your attitude back there was beyond disgraceful," Tomohisa spat out.

Falcon quickened his pace so he could skirt around his teacher. He stopped Tomohisa in his tracks and faced him head on so their noses were pressed against each other's.

"I respect those who deserve it. Tell me Yamashita-sensei is this respectful enough for you." Falcon's tone was sober against Tomohisa's cheeks.

Tomohisa felt the serious threat behind Falcon's words.

"It's a warning. You of all people should know the deadly consequences of crossing that fine line," Tomohisa gave back to the boy.

Falcon retreated a few steps back and turned around to make his own way down the hallway and to his next class.