They know about fish

by Valerie Fox

They know about fish

There are these two fisherman. A series of terraces. It isn't the first time. The people adopt them as pets and put them on tv. There are things called tables and desks with things called computers on them. Smudges on bottles and the glasses of the weary fishermen get in the way of their fuller understanding.

A debacle has been scheduled for 11:45 for the two fishermen to tell their salty stories. The people fall down in their headlong desire for love. Or what some might call their one hope (whistling in the background).

A rich man and a poor one talk on the square about the state of the fish, the oceans, and the software industry. Their talk turns to aphorisms. Didn't one of our poets say something about the poor hating the poor more than the rich hating the poor?

Then, the true part is how the people follow around the two fishermen who end up being small men merely disguised as clever and romantic outdoorsmen who know how to survive in extremist conditions.

People are planning out in their heads now how to memorialize the two who wandered up into their once sleepy town. By names and by fish.

I say to my wife, see them there, they think that they have no secrets. But don't we all?