A Willing Forgiveness

by TJ Skarbo

I head out the door into

Blustery cold winds

Walking to my start mark

I begin…


Expecting in moments

To hear the regular symphony

Of anatomies brilliant



Then I realize

In my haste

I have been thoughtless

It will exact a price…


In my quickened frenzy

To acknowledge the call

Of the ocean and the

Break in the rain…


I have forgotten to

Wake you gently

With gentle caressing



Now you have risen

In confusion

And shriek at the

Sudden betrayal…


Pain ignites your visage

And radiates up

Slowing my pace

The gait becomes awkward…


Not at all what we have

Become accustomed

The grace has fled

The work begun…


I am amazed at what

My folly has created

This monster that robs

My breath…


How could it infuse

Such poison; fatigue

When we have known 

Such strength…


I round the corner

Thankful for the

Sight of the homebound



At the light I bend

And rub you




The light is then in

Our favor

And we begin



Only this time

Something is different

You have let go of your



And coaxed the fire

From my thighs

I focus all my attention

On you and the litter ahead…


Eminem greets us

On our flight down the hill

And it is like I am skiing

The black asphalt…


My soles leave the black

Gold untouched

Never have we experienced

Such bliss…


It seems the symphony

Has decided

That the show

Must go on…