Why Jocks Shouldn't Work Behind the Counter at Subway™ Sandwich Shops: A Huge, Overarching Principle Bound to Encompass All of L

by Smiley McGrouchpants

ife in Its Permutations, Vol. 2 of 387

               "Yes, I work here!"
↳             "Do you even work here?"
↳             "Do you want it?"
             "I, uh . . . "
↳             "We don't have soup ready, but I have some back there (points over his shoulder) and I can heat it up in a microwave for you."
             "Yeah!  Chips and a drink and a cup of soup, too."
↳             (keep going backwards through the "Honey Mustard's, I don't know, actually kinda sweet — you wanna taste it?" moment to:)
↳              Line . . . line . . . line . . . gosh, this is taking longer than usual!

                                                              THE BEGINNING

               Whew!  I'm glad to get out of the wet, after that long walk . . . too bad that food-card place didn't have as much for as cheap, but ah well, there's always Subway™ . . . 

                                                                     THE END

↳              "Thank god!  Hey next customer — I can sure relate to you!  You ever been fishing at — oh, of course! — blah-blah-blah . . . "