She's Up a Level

by Smiley McGrouchpants

              "Life sucks.  She comes in — of all things — and says, 'Hey Tim, I'll be an hour late tomorrow, I got a doctor's appointment ... see ya at 10:00!'  And waves her hand with this goofy grin.  I'm like, 'Is she serious'?  I'm South African, so I don't always get the intonation, the idiom, but I realize: She has no idea who I am!  I ask my wife what to do — after some murmured bemusement between the two of us — and, stirring a cocktail as she does, she lets it come to her: 'Well, we could send Jen to a conference at Duke, where 7 of 11 papers are yours, at that one at Northwestern, where 9 of 13 papers are yours ... ' I start to get it.  It will cost a bit more — more to lost time and momentum — to send her, later, to Stanford, where 8 of 9 papers are mine, but ... sheesh!  She'll get it then, right?"

                                                 THE END

MORAL: It's great when your Ph.D. candidate gets to work on the first iPod (HINT: Not published in Science or The New England Journal of Medicine, but ...), and your insisting on another year out of forty or fifty, her whole career, gets you brought before a hearing and mildly reprimanded but — that's okay!