Ronald Reagan Loves Astrology.

by Smiley McGrouchpants

               "Screw you, Gorbachev.  Think this SDI thing won't work?  Well . . . guess what my astrologer told me?  You laugh?  You laugh like you Russkies always do at Yankee ingenuity . . . 'Who are you to tell me what to do?'  Yeah, no shit, sherlock, we're going ahead with this plan . . . I don't care, I don't care . . . It'll get tested, positively, someday . . . Reduce your own arms, why don'tcha, we'll be sitting pretty . . . Reykjavik, ya, ya, it's nice weather here, don't try to change the subject . . . We've got you by the short hairs, don't you glib, overconfident fools know that?  Send over what you like — we'll shoot it out of the sky! . . . Those are naysayer, those are naysayers.  (toothy grin.)  A veritable minority of the Scientific Establishment . . . Sure, it'll work!"

                                             THE END

               "Welp, sorry we didn't get much done . . . tough shit you people don't know what you're doing!"

COMING SOON: An easily-available opportunity to stave off disaster!  Or . . . not.