Remember the EPA?

by Smiley McGrouchpants

               "Fuck, old-timer," Laney grinned, "whaddaya gonna talk about a DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS, next?"  He waggled his eyebrows, no harm no foul, who gives a shit.
               "17 years . . . you came too late!" I said, pointing my cigarette at him, flicking ash on him, we were all dead anyway, who gives a shit.
               "Yeah, but  " (he belched) "  you know  " (he put his hand over his mouth; stewed rat had a tendency to come back up on you, if you ate too much of it and too quickly) "  it glurg"
               He projectile vomited in my face.
               And I almost felt o.k. that day!

                                                             THE END