My Sibling Put a Butterfly in the Mail

by Smiley McGrouchpants

          She did!  And it fluttered and died.
          "Sib," I said, over the phone, "why on earth'dya do such a thing?"
          "I dunno," she said.  "Dad told me to."
          "That's not an answer," sayeth I.  "You have to think for yourself."
          "Oh, well," said she.  "What's one dead butterfly, anyway?"
          To a Gemini, I thought, it's everything.
          But I said:
          "That's fine.  I'll call you tomorrow."
          "O.K.," said she.  "But don't forget to wait until my show's over."
          "O.K.," said I.  "Bye," and hung up.

          Two hundred twenty-two days later, and she's still waiting!