They Were RICHEY-RICH!!! (Part IV-tham, and FINAL!)

by Smiley McGrouchpants, Jr-Esq-III

                   "Hi, I'm from Massachusetts  some people masturbate, but just because this is stripper per capita capital of the world[1], and Suicide Girls™ are from here, and it's from a Palahniuk novel, and he wrote a book Fugitives & Refugees about this place, and how people come out here to escape, doesn't mean that it's required reading or anything, or that there's such a thing, and I'm just going to make jokes and stare at you because I'm bored and on vacation.  Thanks."

                                                      The ENDDDDE

[1] The country, actually.  Even Las Vegas has less per capita, because it's a question of square footage, and how many strippers you encounter there per inch.  It's maybe why Miranda July set The Center of the World there  and it's not her most fully-realized work, it's buried under credits by Wayne Wang and Paul Auster, so if you liked Smoke or Blue in the Face, not to speak of The New York Trilogy, you might not find it to bad to watch while you're just sitting around, it's certainly a trip and has an early best-guess about how tech (and tech GIANTS) shake through people's lives, right down to the digital technology used to shoot the film, then still new, not many besides Herzog or Richard Linklater we're willing to use it, yet, plus there's a terrific Robbie Robertson song "Rattlebone" on the soundtrack, easily his best since The Band, or maybe that "Somewhere Down the Crazy River" song that Martin Scorsese directed the video for, similarly drawing off his Native American heritage in the imagery, lyrics, and tuneage too.  Um. - ed.