Notes on Consulting the 'Owner's Manual for the Human Mind'!

by Smiley McGrouchpants, Jr-Esq-III

          Beck Hansen was having a problem.  After going by, simply, "Beck" for most of his musical career, he decided it was time for a change: shake things up a bit, start going by some other moniker, keep things fresh.
          Trouble was, he couldn't decide between "Dick" or "Prick."
          So, he whipped out his trusty Scientology thing-a-ma-bobby.  Being a Scientologist, his mind was scrambled, so he didn't understand it, but, that was o.k.: the thing didn't make much sense, anyway.
          Relieved, he resolved to book a flight and do a tour of small clubs in the United States of America.

                                                  THE END