SNIPS & SNAILS & PUPPY-DOG TAILS IS THE *LEAST* OF IT! by Ranting Bitch in a Cold, Cold World

by Smiley McGrouchpants, Jr-Esq-III

               The sign on the tree fort said 'NO GIRLS ALOUD' on it again!
               Undaunted (but trés irritated), I clambered up the ramshackle "steps," nailed into a tree.
               "Spanky!" I spat out, at a tone just short of a yell, as soon as my head popped the window into view.  "Pull your pants up!" I amended, covering my eyes for not liking what I see, and in the process, lost my grip and almost fell.
               "All-ready!" he said, after I heard a zip.  Little turd.
               "You fuckin' bitch — "
               "Hey, lady," he said, both hands up in a vaudeville "lay off me" kind of gesture.  "You're 35 — ain't that too old to be messing with the 12-year-olds?"

                                                            THE END

               "No, you smartass little shit — "


Downy's the quicker-picker-upper . . . that's right, bend down and lick the thing, that's a good little girl . . .