by Sina Mashek

When you happen upon my thoughts
A profoundly joyous feeling bathes me in its waves
From the earliest days and still continuing
This emotion builds itself into an intense storm
So strong as to have me smitten in the single beat
Of my heart
When our eyes meet, my heart stirs out of its slumber
And with it a torrent of emotion threatens to emerge

I cannot help but admire your beauty
To fall delightfully victim to your radiant brown eyes
Oh, what captivating and alluring eyes!
Even the smallest of smiles, tugging upon your gentle lips
Stirs me into a blissfully enamored state

Your very presence envelopes me in an overwhelming felicity
So much so it often spills past the brim of my lips
Into stuttered words in which I try to inadequately
Express what it is I am feeling

But the truth is

I know not of any combination of words that
Sufficiently and succinctly paint a portrait for you

Of what my heart and soul feel
When I am around you, when you're in my thoughts

You drive me absolutely mad, in the most exquisite of ways.