Lost In Her Silhouette.

by Shan Shaikh

That night was a little different. There was a lot more concrete. Hours after her restroom break, and aimlessly walking through small streets and suburbia unknown to us, we had finally hit a main street. There were towers, yes, but none like my home. She was way ahead of me at this point. I don't think she believed that I'd catch up. In fact, I don't think she wanted me to catch up.

I started to admire the moment a bit. It was cold, but not too cold. The sound of cars off in the distance faded in and out as my focus shifted from building, to building, to stores, to dark windows.

I could barely make out her silhouette. She had been walking much faster than me, and her wardrobe of black on black made it pretty difficult to keep a watchful eye. Since I couldn't catch up, and I didn't really want to anymore, I thought I'd spend more time exploring this empty “city”. There were one or two fellow wanderers out at this time. The morning must have drawn out the curiosity of many. Some looked at me as if I had been following her and was waiting for the right moment to attack. I must've been looking at them the same way.

As I continued to stroll on through the, now, empty sidewalk, I began to hear music. It was faint, but I could hear it. I started to think the world was playing music to accompany me on my journey through the night. I didn't pay it any mind until it got louder. As I continued down the concrete path, following the music, my fantasy began to diminish. The music led me to an ice cream parlor. There were no lights on inside, but I couldn't be sure if it was open or not. There wasn't a sign that told the public otherwise, and above the door was a stereo playing the music I heard blocks down. I peered through the glass hoping to find a depressed employee playing solitaire in the kitchen with a lamp light, but I was disappointed to find more darkness. So, was it closed or not? I had no idea, but I enjoyed the music.

I looked down the long concrete path wondering if I'd see her silhouette waiting at the end for me, but I saw nothing. I took advantage of the time I had to myself and used an app on my phone to tell me the name of the song that was playing. I probably tried three times before the damn app gave me the name. It was You've Made Me So Very Happy by Blood, Sweat, & Tears. I chuckled to myself when I read the title. After saving the song to my phone, I looked down the path once more hoping to see her. I didn't. So, I just continued walking down.

The ice cream parlor was so nostalgic I almost didn't want to leave it. But, I had to go looking for her. Or at least I wanted to go looking for her.

As the path was coming to a break and a new one was about to begin, I made the assumption that she went left. And, it was to the left of the break that I found her prompted on top of a platform embedded into the wall. I didn't hesitate. I walked over to her side, hopped up onto the platform and sat with her. We sat in silence for quite some time until she told me she couldn't see the sunrise because the trees were in the way. So, we continued our journey until we could watch the sunrise together.

We, sort of, got lost but we found each other eventually. Eventually.