by Samuel Derrick Rosen

Nothing is possible  You can be who you are
Smile at all those chances you have had to smile
People won't forget
How good you made them feel

Quench your insatiable thirst with the beverage known as love
Make your heart the place from where one can stare at stars
There is value beyond value in expressing love for others
Understand your self and you will understand others  O YES

Laugh at knowing the ones you love
Are able to make you laugh  Make each day your favorite day
Get your orgasms from not polishing an apple  Flaunt it  Flaunt it  Flaunt it
May your every step be

To whatever music you hear
Decorate lavishly the mansion that is your mind
Celebrate the fact that courage
Is the absence of all fear
Wake to find your disasters
Are secretly secret triumphs

Dream a new dream when you are 92
Do not waste a second not improving Planet Earth
The ultimate answer to life and the universe and EVERYTHING
is YOU.

It exists for you only
If it were not for rain there would be no land of Oz
Be a heroine  Life is a mirror  Know that you have power
That you are powerful  That you are beautiful
See with your beating heart the things that are essential  Be at one with one

Wallow/ in the pool/ of your own/ fucking/ narcissism!