The Silence in your Silence

by Samuel Derrick Rosen

I'd be

the silence in your silence,
the teabag in your cup,
the snot in your nose,
the cut in your lip,

your psychoactive teddy bear,
the dead you're born to raise,
the missing string on your guitar,
your collection of clichés,

the demon on your back,
the extra syllable in your haiku,
the dead letter in your neon sign,
the first step you take

as well as the last.
I'd be your foot on broken glass!
The page you cannot find
in what would seem an endless book,

I'd be your last rook
when all pawns and bishops
and knights had been extinguished,

the green fireball in your sky,
the brightest you've never seen,
that worthless special offer
in your gossip magazine.