The Offspring of the Hazardous

by Samuel Derrick Rosen

Can you see the dark advice?
The offspring of the hazardous.
Plath's worst poems
were Daddy and Lady Lazarus.
Would you explore
the narrowing tunnels
of such splendiferous narcissism?
Would you call so passionately

for a much better resurrection?
A myriad of lives
that rise like falling leaves.
An entire thesaurus consisting
of substitutes for YES and PLEASE.
O come my Cinderella
and wear your pretty shoes.

O come my Cinderella,
deprive me of my blues.
Skip through palace halls.
Stumble through glass walls.
May your accidents be miracles
and your miracles accidents.
Strike all minor keys,

oppress them into sentiments.
I dare you.  I dare you.
I dare you.

Untie my psychic knots,
divide them into lots.
Become my heavy Woman.
Render me sub-human.
If you make me as smug as Venus
I will label you a genius.

Cross my heart, but do not make me die.
Are you my Lorelei???