Song for Loren

by Samuel Derrick Rosen


Like a Dutch man speaking French
Like a Poodle channeling a Shih Tzu
Designed for all kinds of weathers
A reputation dressed in feathers

It's obvious you've read Hart Crane
But where are you truly from?
Somewhere off planet I suspect

Hold on
To your badge of shame
Foul the night as you chant
Kill each sycophant
It''s not important what
Or who you are
Reclaim some random name

Light a lonesome candle
If only for the sake of a flame
Poorer when you were younger
You half remember still

The value of a statue
The worthlessness of limbs.


Board a train from N.Y.C
To a place so random
No would ever
Think to think of it
Be sure to steer clear
Of whatever is currently
The diplomatic center of the world.

Fear not
The rag and bone
Light of subterfusion
Be thankful
You're not living out the script
Of Invasion of the Body Snatchers

The one starring Donald Sutherland.