Prophet with a Portable Outhouse

by Samuel Derrick Rosen

Prophet with a portable outhouse
sees into the excrement
the dogma of the pussies and the wussies
and the wieners and the healers.
Prophet with a portable outhouse
looks out beyond the living rooms of the wretched
and the forsaken hairy chests and the shaved
pussies all glistening with piss and cum and the empty
bottles of cheap transcendent rum.
There's plenty of the blind and the deaf and the dumb
and the broken-hearted in the supermarket aisles,
in the glare of the bistros, in the shadows of the pool halls,
in the cubicles of the coprophagic,
the whole damn incontinent universe.
He's transfigured he figures
He was someone else, now he is himself, germicidal mystic,
prophet with a portable outhouse.