Harmony in D Major

by Samuel Derrick Rosen

What shattering tranquility!  Such a devastating hush!
The flora in its element, the sky a flaccid red.
Dreaming just a little, more or less awake,
the people shift, capitulate, move like animated trees,
dropping their leaves on pathways, on subtle hints
of a rottenness required urgently,
one independent of seasons,  composing its own freedom.
Invisibilities zigzag, make 90 degree turns,
the music of the sun falls, on slim, expressive arms,
on spontaneity of faces in want of nothing,
on tender nuances, on exquisite voids of change.
I feel I'm undeserving of this serenity.
Half innocently a couple frolic, safe in pubescence,
oblivious to an oblivion, one of many roots,
emanating things that have no need of definition.
Tomorrow they'll consult a dictionary.
A man leads a German Shepherd, treats it like a child,
(he looks like he lost his mind in some random revolution)
children lamb like, run their hands through its fur,
not yet aware they've merely touched the surface.
Mademoiselles in their luxury gyrate upon their axis
and dream of white bordellos, tempting boys
whose thoughts rise up like crows.  The pedigree club
talk politics, resemble ostriches digging holes in dirt.
5 or 6 elderly ladies pass by on bicycles,
(loving the friction) radiate an almost unintelligible gladness.
They know the darkness that approaches
has its own sweet luminosity.
Heaven's eye neither shines nor dulls.
Some of us lose possession in order to possess.
Some cloud here and there, embryonic strains of blue,
they merely serve to complement pulchritude's aromas.
Why wait for a shift in consciousness?
Consciousness shifts all the time.
I'll just sit on this park bench a while longer,
watch the insects share their passions.
What shattering tranquility!  Such a devastating hush!
Complexions now are dimmed, a cruel civility declines.
I am dreaming just a little, more or less awake,
I feel like going on a killing spree!