Alexander Hutchison said..

by Samuel Derrick Rosen

Alexander Hutchison said
"everything is vanishing"

Chekhov and his chocolates
Whitman and his beard
Full-fat milk repentance
Conformity besmeared
The humility of magic
The latency of stone
The science and the water
The debasement of the bone

The hands below the table
The eyes above the rim
The viciously angelic
The prospect of the dim
The hawks and the sparrows
The ravens and the crows
The atoms in their meekness
The gods in their repose

Even death is vanishing
Vanishing into death
Across the masks of deviation
And the apogees of spheres
Across gelidity of arms
Across a nothingness that changes
Across an age of Christmas nights

And prognosis and dissection
And things the sun gets at
Alexander Hutchison said
"everything is vanishing"

And so it is.