a poem by Darryl Price restructured by Samuel Derrick Rosen

by Samuel Derrick Rosen

Well beyond our appointed Moment now.
We must step on what's left, alone,
but that begs some explanation to these days
that pinball between stars and to dreamers everywhere—

that we were not kind to ourselves,
that our deeds contained no exits
to each other's arms, again,
forever. You may say this is not hateful,

but ordinary life,
still I wish to err on the side of the impossible
Look in your eyes when first we met
and the contract signed there by my own soul. I

was not coerced. I was not bewitched. Simply
I was glad to be alive because
that's where you were to be found.
The voyage out was your lack of courage

while I drowned. We must stand in line
with a bunch of familiar strangers
for the final count of our capacity to love

until love buries itself, the universe.