Boy Meets Girl

by MrsQ

Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. It was an unexpected meeting, but one that was sure to bring a lot of change for both. They met at a work event. Some friends wanted to put together a company and they had both been invited to be part of the project. Boy smiled. Girl remained silent. Girl thought to herself that business and personal should never mix.

Girl liked him but chose to keep it to herself. Boy did not see it coming. Boy never thought he would meet "the one" on that particular night. Boy met girl in Manhattan. The city that never sleeps as backdrop to the beginning of their fairy tale. Boy held the chair. Girl sat down. Boy started the conversation. Girl listened carefully. Girl told him her story. Boy listened in amazement at how similar their lives had been, in spite of their different backgrounds. Boy fell for her. Girl fell for him. Dinner turned into drinks, drinks into desert. The quick meeting became a long date. Boy walked her home. Girl could not understand what she was feeling. Boy stopped in front of her house. Girl was wishing for a kiss. Boy kissed her gently on the cheek and dissapeared into the night.