by Misti Rainwater-Lites


I can move in within the hour. I am a quiet professional. My monthly income ranges between three dollars and six or seven thousand dollars depending on how ambitious I am that particular month. I do not enjoy cable television or free wifi so that will not be a problem. I do love cats and coffee so we're okay there. I have five children from previous marriages but they are with the circus this summer so they will not impose. I can do sex but only when discreet and vanilla and no strings attached. Please do not call me "baby" or reward me with "Soul Mate" status. I will not believe you. Also, if I find any Fingerhut catalogs on the premises I will stuff them in the garbage disposal. I write poems for Christ and Fat Lady. Also. Novels. Please be understanding and patient with this process. I do accept PayPal donations. Roxixmas@gmail.com. Do not be snarky about it. If all you have to say is,"Must be nice begging for crumbs for a living!" I will have no choice but to look elsewhere for lodging and spiritual kinship. I do not come with a cardboard sign or tip jar. Scorpions scare me but cockroaches only disgust me. I know how to kill them and dispose of them without any fuss. I have a lot of hair. Sorry.

Misti Rainwater-Lites