...is closed

by Lars Townsend

… is closed

 Now Drake Hughes was a swell welcoming man
And Ann, his wife, had Freudian issues
One day by the well with knife and a plan
Ann, sweet-sweet Ann, became sweet widow Hughes.
Now Drake was a fake, but a welcoming guy
His swell was for Ann and Mary-Beth too
That the rake had to die, isn't a lie
For to Ann, fair Ann, fair payment was due.
Now Drake in a well isn't Drake in a Lake
The smell of the swell Ann couldn't have saw
As sun baked her Drake like a flan or a cake.
Haste Ann! Chaste Ann, or you'll be chased by the law.

 The new man of Ann's, a far worse man she took.
Worlds pass, to psyche relapse. And her book…