Ahead of the Game

by K. R. Weinert

Ahead of the Game


Al likes to win. You say something's red, he'll say it's not exactly red. According to him we the rest of us don't have a clue. Others can't work with him, they find him exhausting, but I find him refreshing.


“Rita stand here, and be quick.” He smiles as I comply.


 When the train's in view, he goes to stand with his toes over the yellow safety line. His mission: to jostle his way in and be seated, rather than stand the duration.


“Al, we've got to move up the platform and ...”


“No. The doors open right here.”


He's triumphant as we sit. “You see Rita, exactly where I said, and we got seats!”


He's asleep when our coach empties out. He feels the jolt. “Huh?”


“They're decoupling. Only the first four coaches travel on.” The funny expression on his face makes me feel all bubbly inside. I drink it in.