Super Nova

by Joanne Jagoda

                                        dedicated to Amanda Gorman

 Yellow breasted, red crowned

“descended from slaves

raised by a single mother ”


she overcame a speech impediment

to stand tall at the podium

not intimidated by Presidents, Gaga or J-lo

she captivated a spellbound audience


reciting with a pounding pulse and lilting rhythm

even echoes of Hamilton could be discerned

her hands speaking too, like an ethereal conductor


and with verses of reconciliation and consolation

she brought solace to a broken country

deeply in need of healing


as we watched and listened awestruck

she streaked across the sky

like a super nova


leaving contrails in her wake

of possibility and positivity

declaring “we will rebuild, reconcile and recover”


and once again the power of poetry

rising transcendent

forever endowing our ailing nation

with a lasting, empowering gift