Life In the Underground

by Jerry Ratch


Now they're excavating tunnels 
Under Telegraph Avenue 
In order to house the souls 
Of some revolutionary poets who 
Say they suffered for mankind 

While fighting for standing room only 

In the Great San Francisco 

Poetry Wars 


You wanted to live a life 

Totally above ground 

While I wanted to explore 

The subterranean climate 

Of the underground 


There's a whole other life down there 
Rats dragging slices of pizza around 
In their mouths 
Pigeons wearing tuxedos 
Trying to mind their manners 
In order to become more like 
Penguins, to get some respect 

But I ache inside every day 

For the music I cannot make down there 

Where the two worlds connect 


Meanwhile back above ground 

They just keep smiling up at the sky 

Searching for all the Faux Marilyns 

Waiting to be discovered 

At nearly every café 

Who keep telling them 

You Gotta Play To Win 

Or You Gotta Win To Play 

But they didn't listen 

And you didn't want to either 


Then you put your hand into your own heart 

And squeezed it shut 

I couldn't help you anymore 

After you did that