by Jack Ales-Oruam

Nothing is
What you left me with.
But it's also
The lovely nonsense
That spilled from
Your tongue and
Caressed my ear.

I'm left.
With nothing.
So you must
Be right.
My everything.

Nothing is
What was wrong when I asked.
Something, though, was missing.
Now something has grown into everything.

Everything I miss about you:
Your stunning smile that made everything better
Your vivacious hair to which nothing compared
Your brilliant eyes that told me that something was amiss
Your pretty little nose, something I definitely couldn't resist
Your delicious lips that drive me closer to madness.

Everything collapsed.
Nothing made it better.
Something let me ignore it for this long.

But when everything I think about
Is the fabulous nothings
That added up to

I cry
Oh, it's nothing.
I laugh
Oh, it's nothing.

But truly,
I need something.

Something to make everything
To turn my troubles into

I need you.